Wire Cutting EDM Processing

1. There are no obvious cutting traces in wire cutting processing. It can be processed perfectly regardless of material hardness and stiffness, but it cannot process non-metallic conductive materials.

2. The slit processed by wire cut edm is narrow, and the metal erosion is relatively small, which is conducive to the reuse of processed materials.

3. It can process parts with small hole materials and complex shapes, but it cannot process blind holes.

4. During the wire cutting process, problems such as deformation or cracks may occur on the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, heat treatment and rough                machining should be carried out before processed by wire cut edm, in order to improve processing accuracy.

5. Wire cutting technology has low wire loss and high processing accuracy.

6. If the materials are too thick, it will be difficult for working fluid to enter and fill the discharge gap, thus affecting the processing accuracy or causing a                     rough surface.

7. Wire cutting is processed through CNC programming, and its parameters can be precisely adjusted to achieve fully automatic processing.


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