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High speed wire edm
high speed wire edm BQY400

BQ series wire edm is a high speed cutting machine. The servo system combined with linear guideway to realize long time cutting.

For workpiece height 300mm, coarse cut 9000-12000mm2/hour, trim 1 6000-7500mm2/hour, trim 2 5000-6500 mm2/hour.

Minimal wire loss, 0.01mm wire can ensure cutting more than 200,000mm2.

Advanced Configuration BQY Series

BQY series high speed wire EDM is a new launched machine, based on 5 axis servo closed loop control, it adds W axis servo wire tension system, to make sure the moly wire work at a constant tension during machining.

What the max cutting speed of your machine

Our wire EDM machine highest cutting speed is 300mm2/min.

What is the wire loss

We can cut 200,000mm2 by 0.01mm wire, the wire loss is minimum.

What is the current for high speed cutting

Our wire EDM machine in normal cutting, the current is 5.6 A-6A.

Do you have operation training

Yes. We have videos and manuals, also can give customer online instructions. We welcome customers to visit our factory for further training.

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