Precision Wire EDM Operation Video

Taper Cutting
Precision Wire EDM

When cutting taper, users only need to input the workpiece height, our system can process automatically. Z axis can up and down freely, that convenient for taking out of the waste.

Precision wire edm
High precision wire edm
Back to Suspension Point
Precision Wire EDM

When short circuit occurs, the function of cutting back to the suspension point can help you solve this problem.

Center Finding
Precision Wire EDM

BQ Precision wire EDM has convenient center finding function, users can find center by not to power on the machine or spark center finding.

Precision wire edm machine
Is your machining accuracy stable

Yes, our precision wire EDM cutting accuracy is 0.003mm, it is full travel accuracy, even using many years, it still can keep this accuracy.

Do you have test before delivery

Yes. We have strict test and debugging procedure  before delivery to make sure best performance in customer site.

All your EDM machine have the same precision

We have many models of wire EDM machine, for the X travel is bigger than 800mm, the cutting precision is 0.005mm.

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