Leading Wire EDM Manufacturer in China
Leading Wire EDM Manufacturer in China

One Stop EDM Solution for Your Metal Fabrication.

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Leading Wire EDM Manufacturer in China
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Quality Wire EDM Machine Manufacturer in China

Based on cutting edge technology, powerful R&D team, advanced equipment and rigorous quality control system, BQ wire EDM serves hundreds of clients worldwide, spreading in military, defense, aerospace, medical, 3D printing, mold and tooling industries. Being China quality wire EDM supplier.
factory area
20,000m2 Factory
Factory is more than 20,000 m2, including parts machining, manufacturing, packing, warehouse and office building.
sales quantity
3000 Sets Sales
Annual sales 3000+ sets in domestic and oversea market. Different products series to meet various customer demand.
200 Workers
We have more than 200 workers in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service department. 20 in R&D team with Doctoral Degree.
60 Patent Certificates
We obtain 8 innovation patent, 52 utility model patent certificates. Products are certificated by ISO 9001, ISO14001.

Popular Wire EDM Machine

We manufacture full range of wire EDM machine with different configurations. Click right link to check more products.

BQS400 is manual and automatic control integrated machine with servo motor.


BQ400 adopts 5 axis high precision linear guideway and ball screw with Mitsubishi servo.

wire edm BQ500

BQ500 reposition accuracy less than ±0.003mm, equipped with Mitsubishi servo.


BQY400 is 6 axis servo control, W axis is for constant wire tension to ensure stable machining.


BQY500 XYUVZW are all servo control with THK guideway and ball screw from Japan.

wire edm BQY630

BQY630 integrated machine with Mitsubishi servo, max cutting speed 300mm2/min

Convenient Functions

Our system adopts advanced pulse power supply and anti- electrolytic power supply, providing customer high-end wire EDM with many convenient functions.
taper cutting

When cutting taper, you just need to input workpiece height, the system can calculate and finish cutting automatically.

control box

The control box can display XYUVZ 5 axis coordinate and status information.

pitch compensation

After many years machining, if ball screw has accuracy error, it can be corrected by pitch compensation function.

remote control

You can monitor each machine working status, machining progress in the remote servicer in real time.

Products Inspection and Quality Control

All products have strict dynamic accuracy test and whole process quality control before delivery. We adopt America Laser Interferometer, to collect straightness, flatness, guideway parallelism measurement data dynamically.
Advanced Equipment


We introduce OKUMA pentahedron machine center, horizontal machine center, high precision guideway grinding machine, Zeiss coordinate measuring machine, and other advanced equipment to enhance machining accuracy.

Find China quality wire EDM supplier, email us now.


How long is the lead time?

Normally, the lead time is about 25 days. We can speed up production for emergency order within 15 days.

What is the cutting speed?

Our machine max cutting speed is 300mm2/min, the normal working speed is 9000-12000mm2/hour.

What is the packing of the machine?

The inside packing is vacuum tin foil wrapped, outside is poly wood, the packing is strong enough for shipping.

How can you sale more than 3000 sets a year?

We have long term cooperation with many famous enterprises, such as Haier, Shanghai Electric Group, SAIC Motor, etc. The existing customers introduce new customers, more and more new customers come to find us, the sale grows rapidly each year.

Quality machine, timely service is our promise to every customer.  Email us now, you will get soon reply.

Industries We Serve For

Based on power R&D team, leading technology, and rigorous quality control, BQ wire EDM applied in many high precision industries, including military, aviation, automotive, medical, etc.

Contact us for your machine request

Do not hesitate to email us for your machine requirement, we are happy to provide you more details and quotation.
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