BQ Wire Cut EDM Machine Assembly Photos

6 Tips of Wire Cutting Discharge Machine Working Environment


1. Choose a place without dust and avoid leaving many aisles next to the EDM machine.

(1)  The existence of dust in the air will seriously wear the screw of the wire cutting machine, thereby affecting the service life;
(2) The wire cutting discharge machine is controlled by a computer, and the disk used by the computer has very strict requirements on dust in the air. When dust enters the disk, the disk will be damaged, and the hard disk will also be damaged;
(3) The wire cutting discharge machine itself emits a lot of heat, so the electrical cabinet needs to be ventilated frequently. If there is too much dust in the air, it will accumulate on various electrical components during the ventilation process, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the electrical components, thus causing the circuit board to burn out. Therefore, the dust filter of the wire cutting machine should be cleaned frequently.

2. Choose a place that can bear the weight of the machine.

3. Choose a place where no vibration and impact are introduced.

The wire cutting discharge machine is a high-precision processing equipment. If there is vibration and impact in the place where it is placed, it will cause serious damage to the machine, thus seriously affecting its processing accuracy and shortening the time,even lead to the scrapping of the wire cutting machine.

4. Choose a shielded house

Because the wire cutting electrical discharge machining process belongs to the arc discharge process, strong electromagnetic waves will be generated during the arc discharge process, which will cause harm to human health and affect the surrounding environment.

5. Choose a well-ventilated and spacious workshop so that operators and wire cutting machines can work in the best environment.

6. Choose a place with small temperature change, avoid direct sunlight through windows and roof glass and places close to heat flow.
(1) Products processed by high-precision parts need to be processed at a constant temperature, generally room temperature 20C;
(2) Since the wire cutting discharge machine itself generates a considerable amount of heat, if the temperature changes too much, it will have a serious impact on the service life of the machine.


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