Special Machine Tool - Spark Erosion Machine

Spark erosion machine solves many problems that are difficult to solve in traditional machining, especially in processing small angle and taper cutting. It has been widely used in automobiles, mold and tools, aerospace and other industrial fields.

Spark erode technology can complete high precision cutting through optimizing machining parameters and offset compensation. This technology plays an important role in machining industry.

We use new technologies and new system to promote the rapid development of CNC wire erosion technology, increasing investment in research and innovation, and thus promote the development of the entire machining industry.

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Spark Erosion Machine Application

Spark erosion machine in Mold and tool
Mold and Tool
Spark erosion machine is widely used in extrusion die and injection mold production for electronics, home appliance, components, and plastic industry.
Spark erosion machine in Medical implant machining
Medical Implant
Medical parts are hard material with complex shapes, spark erosion EDM is the ideal machine for these parts, especially for orthopedic implant and dental implants.
Spark erosion machine in aerospace parts machining
Aerospace Components
Aerospace components are heat-resistant, high strength, and difficult to process, and most are alloy or composite material, spark erosion machine can achieve the high request.
Spark erosion machine in automotive part machining
Automotive Parts
Spark erosion machine are used for engine parts machining and high precision parts machining in gear box, such as the gears and shaft parts.
Spark erosion machine in Mechanical machining
Mechanical Machining
The tools of convention machine need harder than the material. But wire erosion machine can process any hard material that can not be processed by conventional machines.
spark erosion machine in Military
Military and Defense
Nine-axis and five-axis linkage spark erosion machine is widely used in military industry, especially for military ships, submarine propeller, aircraft engine blade impeller and other parts processing.

The Advantages of Processing by Spark Erosion Machine


1.Wide range of applications

As long as it is a conductive material, it can be processed from a thin plate to a hard alloy by spark erosion machine, regardless of the thickness, size and hardness of the material.

2. It can process complicated shapes

In addition to straight cutting, spark erosion machine also can cut metal into arcs and complex shapes, such as a combination of straight lines and arcs.

3. High precision

The accuracy of wire erosion machine can reach 0.003mm.

4. Without burrs

The wire erosion machine surface roughness is high, the best can be 0.5um.

5. No special cutting tools required

The spark EDM using brass wire or molybdenum wire to erode metal, not like other CNC machines that need to use cutting tools to process, the consumable cost is not expensive.

6. Reducing material damage

Wire eroding machine is a non-contact process, material load is not high, the thermal deformation is minimal.

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