Well-known Brass Wire Cut EDM

The leading brass wire edm technology has reached a high level. It can guarantee processing accuracy within ±0.002 mm, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.05μm.

GF, Swiss  

Swiss GF (Agie Charmilles) represents the world’s leading level of wire cutting technology. No matter in accuracy, surface roughness, efficiency, or fine wire cutting, double wire cutting, oil cutting, automation, etc., GF has always been the benchmark in the industry. It has an assembly factory in Beijing, China, to meet more customers’ needs.

Makino, Japan

Makino has many patented in brass wire cut edm machines, and has the world’s unique UPH series of horizontal wire edm machines. In recent years, Makino has begun mass production of U-series intelligent, high-precision brass wire cut edm machines at its Kunshan factory in China. Its surface roughness can reach 3mRz with 3 cuts. It can also achieve high-efficiency cutting even under poor flushing conditions, which can meet the needs of demanding processing requirements in different industries.

Sodick, Japan

Sodick’s brass wire cut edm machine entered the Chinese market earlier, and established a production factory in Suzhou in 1995. With its advantages in humanized operation, Sodick has trained a large number of people who can use machines. So it takes a high market share in China.

Fanuc, Japan

Since its production of brass wire cutting edm machines began in 1975, after decades of technological updates, FANUC’s ROBOCUT brass wire cutting machines are renowned in the industry for their high speed, high precision, high reliability, low maintenance cost and high intelligence. It is widely used in mold, medical and super hard material manufacturing, and has a high market share in Japan, Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Mitsubishi, Japan

From FA to MV, MP, MX series, Mitsubishi brass wire cutting edm can meet various processing needs from component processing to ultra-precision mold processing. The new generation of high-performance brass wire cutting edm machine provides overall solutions covering machines, power supplies, adaptive control, automation systems.

Seibu, Japan

As early as 1972, Seibu developed the first brass wire cutting edm machine. In 2003, the high-efficiency and high-precision M series brass wire cutting machine was launched. In recent years, the MM series with higher precision has been launched. Once launched, its high machining accuracy surpassed all other Japanese machines.

China Domestic Brass Wire Cutting EDM Machine brands

It is undeniable that there is still a big gap between domestic brass wire cutting edm machine  and foreign brands. Domestic brass wire edm machines are typically represented by Taiwanese machines,   such as Chmer , AccuteX, and Excetek.


Chmer can be said to be a symbol of the technological development of Taiwan’s wire edm machines. In terms of brass wire edm, from flushing machines to water immersing machines, relying on independent research and development, it has a wide range of customers in China mainland with its high performance and low cost advantage.


AccuteX was founded in 2001. In 2002, the AU series- standard brass wire cutting edm machine developed and launched to the market. In 2005, It set up a factory in Kunshan to deeply explore the mainland Chinese market.

Chinese Domestic Leading Medium Speed Wire Cutting EDM Machine

There are many companies producing wire-cutting machine in China. As competition intensifies, and technology updates, some rising stars are in leading position in China wire cutting machine industry. BQ wire cutting EDM has its own R&D team, the control system are unique and convenient, max cutting speed is 300mm2/min, reposition accuracy is +-0.003mm, the performance is stable. With high quality and timely service, BQ wire cutting EDM machine annual sales  3000 sets.


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