Pros and Cons of Wire Erosion Machine

Advantages of Wire Erosion EDM Machine

  1. The material will not be deformed by heat.

During cutting, there is only a very small heat-affected zone at the cutting site, so the material will not undergo thermal deformation. This is important when parts that need to maintain their original size and shape.

  1. High cutting accuracy

Wire erosion machine can achieve very fine cutting, and the minimum cutting size can be about 0.1mm. This is an  advantage for parts requiring high precision.

  1. Can achieve complex shapes cutting

Wire cutting machine can accurately cut various complex shapes according to CAD files, and can meet parts with various shapes.

  1. High cutting surface quality

The cutting surface has good roughness, no secondary processing is required, and the operating efficiency is high.

Disadvantages of wire erosion EDM machine

1. Slow cutting speed

The cutting speed is relatively slow, generally only tens of centimeters per minute, while laser cutting can reach speeds of several meters per minute. Therefore, wire erosion machine is not suitable for processing high speed requirements.

  1. Not suitable for thick parts

Wire cutting is generally only suitable for thin or medium-thick workpieces. For thick plate processing, high-power laser cutting is required.

3.  Coolant is required during cutting

Coolant is required to cool the processing part during cutting to ensure that the cutting process does not overheat. Therefore, the use and handling of coolant need to be considered during processing.

Through above analysis, we can see that wire erosion machine has many advantages and some shortcomings. When performing metal cutting, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate each processing method and select the best method to suit the part processing requirements.



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