Preparation Work Before Operation the Machine

Before the wire cutting EDM working, we need to do daily check to ensure the machine is in normal operation:

1. Clean up the waste and impurities in the work table, and do “5S”check in and around the machines.

2. Check and confirm whether the working fluid is sufficient for the wire cutting machine, and add it in time if  insufficient.

3. When unmanned processing or precision processing, check if the electrode wire is enough, and replace it if  insufficient.

4. Check the waste wire in the waste barrel, and clean up in time if it exceeds 1/2.

5. Check whether the filter inlet pressure is normal and whether the compressed air supply pressure is normal.

6. Check if the electric wire are loose or broken.

7. Check the wear of the conductive block. When worn, change the conductive block, and it should be cleaned when it is dirty.

8. Check whether the pulley and the electrode wire running smoothly.

9. Check if the electrode wire is vertical, user needs to do wire alignment before machining.

10. Check if the lower and upper wire guide are loosen.

11. Check whether the nozzle is damaged.

12. Check whether the relevant switches and buttons are sensitive and effective.

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