Application of Wire Cut EDM Machine


1. Mold making

Wire cut EDM machines are widely used in mold and tool industry. Wire EDM machine can process very precise shapes. Tooling needs to be able to precisely match the shape and size of the part to be produced.

2. Aerospace

The aerospace industry is also an important field of application for WEDM machines. In the manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft, very high-quality materials are used which are often very difficult to cut. Wire-cut EDM machines can achieve very precise cuts, making the manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft more feasible.

3. Manufacturing

In manufacturing, WEDM is also widely used. Especially when producing the same or similar parts in large quantities, by using a wire EDM machine, the high quality and accuracy of the parts can be ensured, and the production process is very fast and efficient.

4. Electronics Manufacturing

Wire EDM is also widely used in electronics manufacturing. When manufacturing electronic devices, very precise parts are required. Traditional methods cannot cut circuit boards with a high density of pixels, but WEDM can solve this problem.

5. Medical industry

In the medical industry, wire cut EDM machines are used to manufacture a variety of medical equipment and medical instruments. It can be cut to very precise shapes and can be used to create specially designed orthopedic implants such as titanium crowns and hip prostheses.

In summary, wire cut EDM machines are used in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, molds and tool, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, and medicine, where the equipment provides high-quality cuts in complex shapes while reducing damage.

wire edm application

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