Bq400 CNC Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machine EDM Cutting machine

Item No.: BQ400
Max cutting efficiency: ≥300 mm2/min
Reposition accuracy: ≤±0.003mm
Max cutting taper: ±15°/150mm (with guider)
Description Review

1. The whole system adopts dual CPU design, DSP is responsible for servo control, X86 is responsible for display function and human-computer interaction.
2. Display CPU board uses industrial-grade motherboard, embedded Win10 operation system, SSD solid-state electronic disk,  which can turn off at any time, the system never crashes.  
3. The system adopts advanced pulse power and anti-electrolysis power  technology to improve the dimension accuracy and cutting accuracy of the parts.
4. Users can choose to install grating scale to achieve closed-loop control.
5.The cast of machine body adopt the resin-sand  techlology with twice high temperature heat treatment, which effectively prevents deformation of the machine.
6. We adopts imported high precision linear guide, ball screw, and super quality bearing to maintain  mechnical precison for long lifetime.
7.Great moving and fast jump features.
8.X、Y、U、V axis are driven by servo motor, step motor, linear motor, equipped with 5-axis MPG, which makes the move of the machine fast and smart.
9.The controller adopts X、Y、U、V、Z 5-axis numerical control, with the function of automatic  edge finding, automatic center finding, etc.

Remote control and digital management function:

Our machine integrates data management, information mornitoring and other digital functions. Users can operate monitoring software on the remote servicer in real time  to monitor each machines working status, processing progress, to arrange work high efficiently.

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