System functions

1.  The whole system adopts dual CPU design, DSP is responsible for servo control, X86 is responsible for display function and human-computer interaction.
2.  Display CPU board uses industrial-grade motherboard, embedded Win10 operation system, SSD solid-state electronic disk,  which can turn off at any time, the system never crashes.  

3. BQ series medium wire cut EDM adopts computer control, X、Y、U、V、4 axis simultaneously controlled, the discharge parameter can be automatic selection and control. It is programmed with internationally universal ISO code.The main system functions are as following:
mirror machining proportionally scaling
conventional taper cutting top-bottom abnormality cutting
single-stage machining 4 axis simultaneously cutting
program editing automatic wire radius compensation
automatically machining condition convert simulation check
return halfway pitch compensation
automatic edge finding automatic center finding
wire alignment graphic real time tracking and check
subprogram calling unmanned processing(power-off after finishing)
back to the origin point and suspension point wire feeding speed adjustment

More Functions

1.AR function
The placement of workpiece do not need calibrating,the angle can be determined through the datum plane or two benchmark holes, after setting the AR angle, the moving and machining will proceed as the placement angle.
2.Back to suspension point
It can memorize the suspension point automatically in the suspension state during cutting, you can move 5-axis arbitrarily, and back to the suspension point by one key, which is convenient for moving the moly wire to the empty point to change wire and take out the scrap.
3.Power-off protection function
The state of machining position can be recorded automatically at the moment of sudden power off, it can continue to process when the power supply recovers.
4.Tracking and error prevention function.
Software algorithm with closed-loop control, calculating cutting position in real-time to prevent error cutting, ensure workpiece safety.
5.Automatic center finding
One key to finding the center of the hole. It can automatically back to the center without recording the coordinates.
6.Set offset function
It can set the new offset according to the wire worn during machining, without pausing current machining.
7.Set pause point
During processing, just click the code to set or cancel the pause position.
8.Jump function
It can jump between any hole position or any stage.
9.Ignoring function
You can choose any program to cut from the current position.
10.Pitch and reversing gap compensation function
After using many years, if there is any error in the ball screw precision, it can be corrected through the pitch compensation.
11. 2D、3D graphics display function
The graphics of workpiece can be zoomed and rotated freely, which can facilitate users to check the design.

Taper cutting 

1. Simply enter the workpiece height when cutting taper, the software will calculate and finish taper cutting automatically.
2. XYUV axis all adopt direct-connect motor control, using the imported high precision linear guide, which can improve the taper cutting accuracy effectively.
3.  Z-axis adopts high precision linear guide, it can memorize machining position automatically.
4.  Z-axis lifting system is driven by motor, and controlled by remote control box, it can lift and descent freely without breaking the moly wire, solving the problem of conventional machine can not go up and down when taking out the material waste due to be screw locked.