1. Easy to install, just connect the power supply to operate.Operation interface of control system adopts multiple artificial intelligent algorithm, which is very easy for beginner to master in a short time.
2. Remote control can set reference starting point and halfway, supporting intelligent OLED, which can display coordinate and status information.
3. Support remote control,status monitoring and file transfer based on WLAN.
4. 5-axis with whole travel precise positioning, coordinate display accurate to Micron.
5. Anti-electrolysis technology making the workpiece cutting more precise.
6. The machining record can be monitored and checked.
7.  6 coordinates system design for customers’ convenience. If there is an emergency cutting,it can memorize the current cutting coordinate,and process the emergency workpiece in priority.
8. Supporting simulation, single step, unmanned machining method.
9. Supporting NC files flipping, rotating, zooming processing method.
10. Convenient files editing interface,supporting analog simulation of NC files.
11.  After programming, the offset can be corrected at any time, does not need to be reprogrammed.
12. Whether servo motor or hybrid motor, if the machining is interrupted, we do not need to find the origin point after turning on, it can continue to process without any position change.
13. Support absolute encoder, the displacement caused by the vibration or other reasons after shutdown can automatically return to the original point after startup.
14. If there is no spark in the threading hole,it can move to the point where the spark can emit, then cutting back to the start point to finish the cutting with one key.
15. Support multiple reverse cutting methods, users can choose reverse cutting from any program.

Taper cutting 

1. Simply enter the workpiece height when cutting taper, the software will calculate and finish taper cutting automatically.
2. XYUV axis all adopt direct-connect motor control, using the imported high precision linear guide, which can improve the taper cutting accuracy effectively.
3.  Z-axis adopts high precision linear guide,it can memorize machining position automatically.
4.  Z-axis lifting system is driven by motor, and controlled by remote control box, it can lift and descent freely without breaking the moly wire, solving the problem of conventional machine can not go up and down when taking out the material waste due to be screw locked.