How to do daily maintenance of wire edm?

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Update time : 2021-10-05 17:18:51

The daily maintenance of wire EDM machine is very important, that is related to the service life of the machines, users should pay attention to regular maintenance to prevent the expansion of small problems and affect the normal use of the edm machines. When overhauling, the focus should be on the following four parts:


 (1) Power supply: Check the input power supply of the wire EDM, whether the voltage fluctuation is within ±10%, whether the higher harmonics are serious, and the size of the power, whether it is necessary to install a stabilized power supply, etc.
(2) Working fluid: The role of the wire edm working fluid is cooling, washing, chip removal, etc. Therefore, the qualification of the wire edm working fluid is directly related to the quality of the workpiece. Check whether the wire-cutting fluid is too dark or smelly. If this phenomenon occurs, its overall performance will become poor and it will easily lead to wire breakage.

(3) Electrode wire: The quality of the workpiece is directly affected by the quality, installation and storage of electrode wire. Check whether the electrode wire is choosed properly, thicker electrode wire should be used for processing thick workpieces, which is beneficial to chip removal, check the tightness of the electrode wire installation, when the electrode wire is too loose, the electrode wire will shake badly and it will be easy to break. If it is too tight, the internal stress will increase, and the wire will be easily broken, check whether the electrode wire installation position deviates from the center or are not in the same plane. If so, the electrode wire is easily broken or pinched, check whether the storage of the electrode wire is standard, If there is damp, oxidized, or exposed to the sun during storage, the electrode wire will become brittle and break easily.
(4) Control cabinet: Dust is easy to accumulate in the wire edm control cabinet due to static electricity and other reasons. When the dust is damp, it will corrode the circuit board, cause short circuit or open circuit, and then damage the electronic components, and even cause the entire circuit board to be scrapped. Therefore, it must be checked regularly.

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